15 Lovely Bun Hairstyles For Long Hair

Bun is one of the most popular hairstyles that is extremely adaptable and can be perked up in many ways. Here are some 15 lovely bun hairstyle especially for long hairs:

  1. Easy bun style:

A ballet or topknot bun is always an easy and comfy for long hairs. Pull all your hair back at your crown and turn it into a sleek, tight bun, simple!

  1. Messy bun:

Messy Bun can be created by folding the hair in layers one to another. You can also add some accessories to look a decent tangled.

  1. High doughnut bun:

A donut bun is just not easy but also looks quite charming and cute. It also uses one of those hair bun doughnuts which are so fun.

  1. Smooth side sweep bun:

It is a smooth and neatly created bouffant bun that makes you look glorious in every event. If you add side sweeps it looks shinier.

  1. Twisted bun:

You can always make your casual twisted bun that look like a stunning hairstyle. Wear it on mousse-applied hair and embellish it with gleaming crystal pins.

  1. Messy low side bun:

Messy side low bun loos very graceful and also give you a sensational look. After a messy textured finish and let that dramatic side sweep blow over your eye stylishly.

  1. Flowery bun:

Wisp up your top hair and create a big flowery bun like a crown. Now, gather the long side bangs behind your ears. It looks really glamorous.

  1. Beehive Bun:

A beehive bun is like an elegance look without any effort in styling. Teasing is the key to this outstanding hairstylewith a nice headband.

  1. Braided bun:

It is a classic high bun with a braided bun. This awesome hairstyle will highlighteach type of personality.

  1. Twisted wrap bun:

It is a small semi-high bun that looks amazing on pretty silky smooth hair. By wrapping it with twisted hair, it make it more cuter.

  1. Rolled up bun:

It is really stylish hairstyle. Justroll up hair right beneath the chic mini bouffant. Now enjoy the messy side sweeps that will increase the style.

  1. Twisted low bun:

This hairstyle is time consuming. All you need is to twist up your hair from both sides and secure it at the back with bobby pins.

  1. Top knot bun:

It is another topknot bun which is a little different from the simple one. Add a touch to your locks, gather them together at the top and twist them up.

  1. Flowery Side Bun:

It is look stylish on wavy hair. The loose flowery side bun is embellished with long fringes and decorated with a braided headband.

  1. Angular Loop Bun:

This new low loop bun is to fold and tuck up a ponytail in some elastic band.It is placed at the one side of the nape of the neck and can be decorated with classy hair bows.

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