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10 Best Female Characters in Literature


10 Best Female Characters in Literature

Some of literature’s most memorable characters have been women whether good or bad, strong female protagonists have stuck with uslong after we read these books. Here are some of our favorite heroines in literature.

Hermione Granger,
Harry Potter

could Hermione not be your #WCW and role model? She kept up with the
boys and even excelled past them, most of the time. She was fearless,
proud of her nerdiness and fierce, but just as human as the rest of
us with her problems.

Katniss Everdeen,
Hunger Games

our modern day Xena the Warrior Princess heroine and the narrator of
the Hunger Games trilogy who knows her way around a bow and
arrow. She was fearless enough to offer to take her sister’s place
as female tribute from their district.


Elizabeth Bennet,
Pride and Prejudice

Austen’s Lizzie Bennet knows what she wants, and she’s not afraid
to go get it. Albeit the time she was born into, she’s a strong
woman who fights injustices committed against her, and always speaks
her mind.

Lord of the Rings

am no man!” Shouted the beautiful and empowered Eowyn, amongst
other memorable lines in that famous speech to a monster who just
wounded her uncle. She swung a sword and fought the Lord of the
Nazgul – to anyone saying they won’t fight a girl because it’s
not fair, we dare them to face up against Eowyn.

Nancy Drew,
Nancy Drew Mystery Stories

needs Sherlock Holmes when you have the cunning detective mind of
Miss Nancy Drew? She was constantly getting herself into risky
situations and casually got kidnapped a bunch, but still fearlessly
returned to her detective work the next day.

Professor Minerva McGonagall,
Harry Potter

had to give the older ladies of Harry Potter some love as well! Back
in the day, witches were made to appear like old ladies, further
demonizing women of a certain age. Minerva certainly spins that
stereotype on its head with her warm but witty persona.


Ramona Quimby,
Ramona Quimby Series

series was amazing for showcasing all the different ways to be a
girl, growing up. It’s a weird and awkward time, and Beverly Cleary
definitely understood that. Our protagonist Ramona played with the
boys, got messy, and wasn’t prim or proper like her boring sister.


girl was the definition of independence. She straight up overcame her
struggle by reading books, and becoming a genius with a heart of
gold. Plus, we’ll never forget that iconic pancake scene.

Lisbeth Salander,
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

had a fiercer moral code than any police officer we’ve ever seen,
and she looked like a baddie while completing her vigilante work.
She’s the definition of a girl boss and is never afraid to push
herself or live outside the rules.


Mary Poppins,
Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins guided others as an agent of moral change and emotional change when it comes to how the English are with children. She doesn’t go by any of that cold and detached nonsense – she believes in comfort, warmth and love. But she has her sassy moments which make her a true feminist, like when she tells Mr. Banks, “Let me make one thing quite clear; I never explain anything.”