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If Disney Princesses Were Boys


If Disney Princesses Were Boys


We’ve seen a lot of modernized versions of Disney Princesses over the years, or ones that are drawn in a different style to the original. But etcetera.art on Instagram came up with an interesting idea of what Disney Princesses would look like as boys and we’ve got to admit the result is absolutely stunning. They don’t look like Disney Princes, yet they have clear Disney references that are instantly noticeable. However these, shall we call them Disney boys, are more modern, more casual and absolutely adorable, obviously. It’s kind of like modern boys Disney Bounding. Disneybounding, in case you didn’t know, is a more subtle, and definitely more modern fashion-forward way of showing your love for Disney. Unlike cosplaying, Disneybounding doesn’t require a full costume, but instead a modern outfit that is inspired by the character.

1. Merida

The male version of
Merida looks like such a charmer. We love the ginger mop of hair, the
modern bow and arrow, the general attitude that comes across in the
facial expression that says he’s up for an adventure and wants to
have some fun.

Merida | If Disney Princesses Were Boys | Her Beauty

2. Mulan

Mulan as a boy looks
sporty, fashionable and slightly mysterious. What is he up to, what
secrets is he hiding? We love how his outfit is so different in style
yet the color palette definitely peaks through and gives off Mulan

Mulan | If Disney Princesses Were Boys | Her Beauty


3. Moana

The artists says
she’s not sure if this turned out to be a boy version of Moana or
if it looks like a skinny Maui. We see what they’re saying, it
really could be both, but we love it either way. This surfer dude
version of Moana is the bee’s knees.

Moana | If Disney Princesses Were Boys | Her Beauty

4. Belle

Belle as a boy looks
like romantic dreams personified. A boy in a classy but relaxed
button down, holding a rose in one hand and a book in the other, just
take me on a date already. This is definitely the dreamiest of

Belle | If Disney Princesses Were Boys | Her Beauty

5. Pocahontas

Pocahontas as a guy
seems like the camping type. He’s got the comfy shirt and a
backpack of someone who’s up for a day of climbing mountains and an
evening of stories around a campfire. Makes you miss summer camp,
doesn’t it?

Pocahontas | If Disney Princesses Were Boys | Her Beauty


6. Elsa

Is it just me or is
the male version of Elsa kind of mischievous looking? He seems like
the most charming but too cool for his own good guy or perhaps an
evil genius with a heart of gold. Either way – absolutely gorgeous.

Elsa | If Disney Princesses Were Boys | Her Beauty

7. Tiana

Tiana’s boy
version is giving us family restaurant vibes. He looks like he’s
just here, helping out his folks for the summer and making a couple
of bucks for pocket money in the process. Very chill, very cute, we

Tiana | If Disney Princesses Were Boys | Her Beauty


8. Esmeralda

It’s been a while since you’ve seen Esmeralda from the Hunchback of Notre Dame, right? And what a treat this male version of her is. He looks like he casually plays basketball but also does side gigs as a street musician. We’re into it.