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How to Remove Makeup with Oil?


How to Remove Makeup with Oil?

Makeup is the first thing and most important thing women do when they are going outside. Some use it too much but some use it according to the situation. I became a part of your life. I didn’t see any women who is not using a little bit or you can say part of makeup in her life. The problem came when we want to remove without ensue any affection. Everyone’s need the best make up remover that in other way it benefits your skin. There are much wonderful oil that has many benefits for health, skin and hair. It is often included in many skin care products as it helps the skin in more ways than one. Oil is an amazing antioxidant that helps to reduce sun damage and the signs of aging. For those which have oily skin, may have more blackheads and aggravated skin.How to Remove Makeup with Oil?

How to Remove Makeup with Oil?

Wash Skin:

Wash your face with oil means that it will naturally remove the dirty oils on your skin without any harsh chemicals. This method is not only simpler but also more affordable. It is better for your skin and also friendly. Also this is the best oil-cleansing method to remove make-up, I’ve ever found.

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We have two oils for remove makeup:

  • Use of Castor Oil:

The use of castor oil can be applied for two types of skin oily skin and dry skin. For oily skin, we should use 3 spoon of castor oil and 1 spoon of extra-virgin olive oil whereas for dry skin, use 1 spoon of castor oil and 3 spoon of extra-virgin olive. However for normal skins, mix ½ cup castor oil and ½ cup extra-virgin olive oil, then clean the wash cloth.

Scrub a small amount of oil onto skin, you can add more if you needed and massage onto skin for 1 minute.  If you used mascara or eye makeup then scrub a small amount of oil gently on your eyes to remove makeup. Use wash cloth under warm water, in your face. Place that cloth over face for about 1 minute. Then use the washcloth to wipe away any oil that’s left.

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  • Use of Almond Oil:

It is very effective for remove makeup.  Eyeliner and mascara are two main things that need an extra energy to removed makeup. Almond oil does not contain any chemicals or substances that may cause damage to your skin. It is gentle and of course, removes makeup without any problems to your skin. Another reason to use almond oil is that it is an excellent makeup remover that does not leave any oil and heavy excess on your skin. Just use a little oil on your eye area, especially where you using waterproof mascara.Once you are done, wash off with it lukewarm water. You can also used few drops of the oil to a cotton ball and used on your makeup to remove it. It is an amazing for makeup.

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