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Top 12 Very Short Stylish Hairstyles


Adorable Short Hairstyles & Haircuts Ideas

The best part thing about short hair or bob styles is that it is a statement by itself. It takes a little bit of styling or color. Following are the top 12 very short or bob hairstyles:

  1. Asymmetric Bob Style:

It is a smooth and rounded bob that are razored to exactness. This hairstyle works best on fine hair as well as oval and heart shaped faces.  Asymmetric Bob Style Hairstyle Ideas

  1. Wavy Bob:

This style is for wavy hair. If you have wavy hair, then you can wear this style. This works best on oval faces.Wavy Bob Hairstyle

  1. Pixie Style:

It gives you a smart and highly professional look that can adopt every corporate woman. This is a work for bold cut and long faces.Pixie hairstyle Best Ideas

  1. Double parted with high top Touch:

This hairstyle is gives you a rocking touch. It is an ideal for adding height to your face. Just take a part of your short bob on both sides and volumes’ the mid-section into a great level.Double parted with high top Touch haircut idea

It is works for diamond shaped faces.

  1. Rounded Bob with Sweep Side:

This hairstyle is smooth and shiny. The rounded shape and the sleek side-swept are two specialties of this hairstyle. It is work for mostly an oval or heart shaped face.Rounded Bob with Sweep Side style

12 Short Bob hairstyles & Haircuts for Oval Faces

  1. Rolled Wavy Bob:

It will give you a touch of sophistication and stylishness. This wavy bob works on oval faced women.Slicked Back Bob Hairstyle idea

  1. Slicked Back Bob:

It makes your look more organized and classy. This works for a heart shaped face.Slicked Back Bob Hairstyle

  1. Layered Bob with Puff at the Top:

Layered is the most stylish hair cut right now. If you add the volume on the top then it makes this style more stylish and gorgeous. It is work for all face shapes.Layered Bob with Puff at the Top hairstyle

10 Curly Wavy Bob Hairstyles ideas

  1. Messy curly Bob with Bangs:

By giving a messy in hair, it makes your style more elegance. This works for the face who have wider shape.Messy curly Bob with Bangs

  1. Volumized Twisty and Coily Hair:

Twisty and coily are one of the exclusive features of Afro-textured hairstyles The roots of the ringlets are harassed up appropriately for a volumized look.Volumized Twisty and Coily Hair

  1. Mohawk style:

Mohawk is one of the most popular haircuts for short hair women. It requires a soft voluptuous curls and shaved sides. It is work for an oval and diamond shaped faces.Mohawk hairstyle ideas

  1. Bowl Cut Hairstyle:

It is a very simple bowl hair cut with no addition style. However it is a silky smooth style.Bowl Cut Hairstyle Ideas

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