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10 Nail Art Ideas for Different Fingernail Shapes


Nail Art Ideas for Different Fingernail Shapes

Nails art offer you a sufficiently choices to make your hands ideal with different magnificent nail designs.It will done by little creativity which can make your nails look amazingly conspicuous. Just need to be careful about the shape of your nails because there are art works that praise certain fingernail shapes and if you are not a good nail artist then it will ruin their appearance.

Following are the most top 10 nail art ideas for different fingernail shapes:

  1. Triangle Shape Nail Art design:

This one of the simple triangle nail art design which start from the center of nail or start from the top. It is best for every type of shape. It will work with two overlapping triangles at the bottom with square like shapes.Triangle shape Nail design Ideas

  1. Zigzag Nail Art Design:

Zigzag is also one of the best choice for almost any of fingernail shapes. It can go for horizontal Zigzag lines with uniform or, you can just wear Zigzag vertically. A diagonal Zigzag panel will also help the purpose.Zigzag Nail Art Design Ideas

  1. Turquoise Nail Art Design:

It is also a very simple nail design which looks completely awesome. It is also make more enhance with extra beauty, if you are wearing turquoise nail art design. This art works well with any shapes of fingernail.Turquoise nail Art design

  1. Smoky Marble Nail Art Design:

This is one of the incredibly beautiful nail arts which look best with all the square fingernail shapes.You just require applying a light color of your best rather a touch of gray to arise with.Smokey marble nail design ideas

  1. Stripping Tape Nail Art Design:

It is the variety of one of the cute nail designs with stripping tape. It will work with horizontal and vertical lines with oval, square, almond, squall and round nails shapes. Diagonal lines are the best for coffin, stiletto and almond nails.striping tape nail art

  1. Spice Glitter Nail Art Design:

It will contain the spice to the nails by adding glitter to your nails in any style you want. It can be the half part of nail in vertical, horizontal or diagonal panel or you can have it lightly spread all over the nails.Nail Art Ideas

  1. Manicure with Glitter Nail Art Design:

Manicure with glitter is the simple nail art design which is delicate and enhances the glory of nails. It work well with square and modified square fingernail shapes. It will make a perfect image if you add glitter in the style of French manicure.Manicure with glitter nail Art Ideas for Different Fingernail Shapes

  1. Fade Away Nail Art Design:

This nail art works best with all shapes of fingernail. You can make use of exfoliator to get the look. Just take same color of two shades and dip the sponge them and dab on the nails to get the finished art.Fade away nail art design

  1. Feather Nail Art Design:

This also is one of the easiest yet splendid feminine nail art, which works well with oval, almond, rounded and coffin shapes of fingernail.Feather nail art design Ideas

  1. Cheetah Nail Art Design:

Cheetah nail art is easy with permanent markers outlines that is place around randomly placed small irregular shapes on the color of your optimal.Cheetah design nail art design Ideas

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