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10 Unique Ideas Of Line Nail Designs


Unique Ideas Of Line Nail Designs

Many women have a high regard about nail designs but some don’t know how to design nail. An innovative way to decorate nails is intentionally a unique art style and it is also used on nails of fingers by designing pictures and different strategies.

Styles of Unique Nail Design:

Following are the top 10 unique ideas of line nail designs:

  1. Black rhinestone Nail Art Design:

Black rhinestone is one of the most good-looking and classy nail designs which is also in request now. Moreover, It is simple to design by painting your nail with black not shiny nail polish and then include some interesting rhinestones in a row.Black rhinestone nail art Ideas

  1. Chevron Nail Art Design:

Chevron is like to french manicure with small difference which is that chevron has v shaped edge whereas French has T shaped of edge. In chevron design, we can enterprise each nail with different colors to improve the design.Chevron Nail Art Design

  1. Multiple Strips in Row Nail Art Design:

This design is especially for long nails in which the key is black stripper pen. Just draw two vertical black lines in the middle and intersection them by three horizontal lines at the base. Now seal the spaces with white and red color. Now you are ready to design.Multiple Strips in Row Nail Art Design

  1. London Nail Art Design:

This nail design is a typical style of drawing London flags on the nails and we can join it with stones, pearls and glitter to make it an exclusive and tremendous look. It is also the most common nail design which is in fashion now.London Nail Art Design

  1. Braided Nail Art Design:

It is another unique nails art design which looks simple thus far stylish. We want three dry nail colors for this design which is used in overlapping for nail design.Braided Nail Art Design

  1. Dressed up Nail Art Design:

Dressed up nail design is one of the most widely used nail designs in fashion right now. It is a cute line nail design where in lines are wan in order way and from time to time it is used as parallel to give vivacious look.Dressed up Nail Art Design

  1. Zigzag Multi lines Nail Art Design:

Another marvelous nail art design which is commonly used by women is zigzag lines with multi nail colors. It is also unique yet nice and also provides level effect to your round nails. Anyone can use it by allowing to her own choice and color mixture.Zigzag Multi lines Nail Art Design

  1. Dream Catcher Nail Art Design:

In dream catcher design, we use white nail color like a covering and formerly decorate it with different pictures and decorations. In this design, white color looks stylish and sparkles which enhance the beauty to this overwhelming design.Dream Catcher Nail Art Design

  1. Chevron four Color Nail Art Design:

There are four different nail colors that can be used in this beautiful design and it is decorated like a chevron style. The V shaped curves of chevron style are filled with different color nails and glitter can be used on corners to improve this beautiful nail design.Chevron four Color Nail Art Design

  1. Funky Red Nail Art Design:

Red is the symbol of life, charm and love and when it is used on nails its spread and improves the personality at once. Red nail color is used as a vile and white is used for designing in this nail art.Chevron four Color Nail Art Design

More Ideas of Nail Polish Designs: