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12 Fabulous Ideas Of Round Nail Designs


Fabulous Ideas Of Round Nail Designs

Nail painting design is as ancient as the fashion industry itself. About 3000 billion women had started decorating their nails and from that time on, women from over and done with the world have been decorating their nails to adopt gorgeous looks. So here we come with 12 fabulous ideas of round nail designs, which are as following:

  1. Three color combo design (black white & golden):

This three colored combo design is overwhelming and awesome looking design especially for round nails. You can generate many different styles by using black, white and gold colors combination.Nail Designs combo

  1. Zebra Nail Art Design:

This design is for those specifically who love animal. Also it looks unique and fashionable on round nails. It is best if you always selected light colors for gradient design so that zebra style looks more protuberant on it.Zebra Nail Art Design Ideas

  1. Pink with golden glitter Nail Art Design:

Glittering and shining nail painting designs are now popular as they look vibrant and stylish. It is another deign for round nail design that comes with pink color and the guidelines are decorated with golden glitter.Pink with golden glitter Nail Art Design

  1. Football lover Nail Art Design:

This is a football season design which looks like a fun way to be festive and show off your team spirit. This is an awesome design which is for football lovers, and it will give support to your favorite team in a unique way.Football lover Nail Art Design

  1. Plain solid white Nail Art Design:

White color can never stop spreading it impression. It is a classy white design and looks so cool on round nail shapes.Plain solid white Nail Art Design

  1. Pastel pink with white rounded Nail Art Design:

Pastel pink with white round nail design as well as include crystals and bow which is a perfect choice for any women. Crystals can provide a number of ways to get you your favorite look.Pastel pink with white rounded Nail Art Design

  1. Neon rainbow Nail Art Design:

To try this nail design, covering the nails with black nail shade and then increase round dots with rainbow colors on the margins and center of the nails.Neon rainbow Nail Art Design

  1. Pink pearl Nail Art Design:

This is a softy pearl design which is so much popular and fashionable. It is also looks casual yet fairly easy to do. It is also looks gorgeous on the nails who have a round shape.Pink pearl Nail Art Design

  1. Candy cane Nail Art Design:

This is also another round shape nail design in which includes “Yellow Polka Dot Bikini”, “Shocking Pink”, “Too Hatch to handle” and “Flip Flop Fantasy” in a single touch.Candy cane Nail Art Design

  1. New year’s eve Nail Art Design:

It is specifically designed for New Years’ celebrations yet it is fairly simple and easy to do with black shining nail polish for painting the nails.New year’s eve Nail Art Design

  1. Heart shaped Nail Art Design:

Try this nail design on your nails by using pink or white color as a base and decorate the tips with red prominent hearts. It is also for round nails which looks awesome on them.Heart shaped Nail Art Design

  1. Half-moon Nail Art Style:

It is always a good design when you want to do something simple yet effective, and there are also so many different color customs you can choose. With the purpose of,  you don’t have to switch with just one.Half-moon Nail Art Style

More Ideas of Nail Polish Designs: