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Top 10 Pretty Formal Curly Hairstyles


Top 10 Pretty Formal Curly Hairstyles

 They are lots of formal curly hairstyles described here that you can choose from. It is for every type of hair like long, medium or short. It is not right to say that we can not set our hair without straightened. Following are the top 10 Formal hairstyles for curly hair that you can use without straightened:

  1. Simple Curls at the End:

There are some big curls that can give you a perfect and formal look. This is one of the good hairstyles for curly hair. Also it looks classic and sassy for the formal get together.Pretty Formal Curly Hairstyles

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  1. Twist Bun:

If you have a good shape of your hair then you can leave the back of your hair out in a wash and focus on your styling. This style will takes only 10 minutes to do in the morning.Pretty Formal Curly Hairstyles

  1. Messy curly style:

Possibly unwashed hair can be good for the messy hairstyles. Just leave the some sections at the front and take the rest of your hair at the back and tie it into a low ponytail. This one will give you an erotic look.Pretty Formal Curly Hairstyles

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  1. Side Bun style:

Women who have long hair often have a habit of pulling their hair up in a ponytail, so we wanted to give you a few more options like you can make a bun, if you want to make it more stylish then you can make a bun.Pretty Formal Curly Hairstyles

  1. Side Curls with Bouffant:

A bouffant is on the top and hair pulled on to side, tied up. It will make a great look for a formal occasion. You can use some hair to give the shiny appearance.Pretty Formal Curly Hairstyles

  1. Modern Mohawk style:

This style was so easy to do and you can try this for your work.Pretty Formal Curly Hairstyles

  1. Curls with bang:

Bangs is very fashionable for many years. Just pinned up the bunch of your hair at the end in a ponytail. Bow your bangs that you may be having to a side. Use a shiny hair spray on the bangs to remain shiny.Pretty Formal Curly Hairstyles

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  1. Formal Updo Style:

You can also try this style for formal occasions. Cassandra typically pulls her hair in to his back that keeps her hair to stay in back. Cassandra has a multi textured hair, which Ruben loves working with because there are so many curl forms to emphasize.Pretty Formal Curly Hairstyles

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  1. Low Curly ponytail:

Ponytails style is the classic style and also looks very much formal for formal get together. You must try this style. It is very easy to do and also give you a classy look and if you have front bangs, then they add even more glamorous in your style.Pretty Formal Curly Hairstyles

  1. Tight Ponytail style:

This style is start with the cleaning your hair. Tease your crown area of your hair a bit then use a strong spray that can hold your hair and now repeat this process. Now Make a high pony and curl up the loose sectors. You can use some flowery pins to tie them.Pretty Formal Curly Hairstyles